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Shining Stars Homeschooling was established in 2010 to meet the needs of the quickly increasing number of homeschool families by providing personal, individualized homeschool instruction in and around Houston, Texas.  In 2012, we expanded our service area to include Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth.  Over the years, we've had numerous inquiries from parents needing services in other states, so we made a few changes and began providing the same individualized services for families in major cities and their suburbs nationwide.
Becky Sexton is the president and director of Shining Stars Homeschooling. Becky taught students of all ages and abilities during her 11 year career as a public school teacher before creating Shining Stars. She utilizes her formal research on individualizing education as well as her experience with both students and parents to provide completely individualized services for each client.  

Majoring in deaf education, Becky received both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Texas at Austin. She then began her teaching career with Fort Bend ISD and the Brazoria – Fort Bend Regional Day School Program for the Deaf as a deaf education teacher. Throughout her teaching career, she taught students of all ages, from infants to high school seniors, in both regular education and special education settings, in 13 Texas school districts.  During her last eight years of teaching, Becky served as an itinerant teacher and parent advisor for families with hearing impaired children. The progress she witnessed while working one-on-one with students and families during this time and her mission to individualize education led her to establish Shining Stars Homeschooling, 

As a working homeschool mom, she understands families' needs for assistance and teachers.  She believes parents know their children better than anyone else and places great importance on listening to parents and establishing a plan of action that will work best for each student and family.

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Becky Ayres began working as a family liaison and recruiting specialist for Shining Stars Homeschooling in 2012 when we expanded our service area to include all major metropolitan areas in Texas. She spends her time consulting with new families and interviewing and hiring teachers. As a natural people person with a passion for education, she enjoys meeting and getting to know new clients and teachers. Her goal is to ensure the best possible fit between the individual student, qualified teacher, and parents.  

Becky is a retired teacher with 30 years of experience. During her time in the classroom, she served as the special education department chair of a large, diversely populated school in a metro school district and had various professional assignments in both general and special education. Her experience with a diverse population of students allows her to understand the individual needs of students and families and find teachers to meet their needs. 
Becky Sexton
President and Director
Becky Ayres
Family Liaison and Recruiting Specialist
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